Helix Consulting offers farmers the chance to pay an annual fee for their comprehensive services.

The standard service pack, running from January 1 to December 31, includes several benefits, as follows:

>>> International Agreement [PDF]


The prices for materials are ex works (Cherasco).
As a member of Helix Consulting, you may benefit from privileged price conditions with some of our partner carriers. To help you cut shipping costs further, a few distribution centres will be provided locally where members may collect the goods shipped from Italy.

Product Quantity Price
Kale 1 kg 23,30 €
Foliage beet 1 kg 15,70 €
Sunflower 1 kg 16,50 €
Chicory mix 1 kg 22,90 €
Helitex net 1 ml 2 €
Non-woven sheet 1 sq m 0,19 €
Helix Aspersa Breeders 1 0,18 €
Soil tests 1 50 €
Site Planning 1 50 €
Helix Consulting annual service pack 1 500 €

How to apply for a standard service pack

  1. To receive a detailed estimate, please fill in the form. We will email you an estimated quote for a site sized as yours.
  2. Before applying for a standard service pack, you will need to have your soil tested to check whether your prospective site meets the chemical and grain size requirements needed. After your payment is registered, you will be emailed the results of the tests and, if these are positive, the contract for the supply of services by Helix Consulting, inclusive of a detailed estimate and site planning.
  3. To start the service pack, print, sign and mail back the contract to us.

Other services

In addition to the standard contract, Helix Consulting can offer a customised service of consultancy, training, technical assistance. To ask for an estimate, please send a detailed request to