Multimedia Course

The CD-Rom "Full-cycle snail farming. A multimedia course on farming Helix Aspersa and Helix Pomatia" is the only comprehensive interactive course for prospective snail farmers. A model farm of 2000 sq. m. is studied to illustrate all the steps involved in starting and managing a snail farm, from choosing the best grounds to preparing the farmed snails for the market.

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How to use it

A spoken commentary will guide you through the course, divided into chapters and sections following the natural schedule of a snail farm.
When a key topic is dealt with, you can deepen your knowledge by reading the relevant information sheets, complete with pictures and videos.
Any time, you can retrieve an interactive plan of the farm to see what actually happens in the various pens.

The course is based on the method developed by the International Institute of Heliciculture of Cherasco.


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